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David Young

David Young

Market Leader

Loves: being the "go-to" guy, business building, team BBQs, and icecream!

Arlena Cook

Arlena Cook

Senior Loan Officer

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Brice Ruthart

Brice Ruthart

Sales Manager

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Candace E

Candace E

Loan Partner

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Joshua S


Dave is a great guy to have in your corner! He is knowledgeable about the market and industry and takes the time to share his knowledge and expertice. I have worked with him on several transactions over the past 10 years and he continues to impress.

Scott S

IT Specialist

Dave was so helpful getting us refinanced. He checked in with us all during the process. We would definitely use his services again. Highly recommend!

Brandon B


Smoothe transaction; everything closed within 30 days as expected and without issues. Very knowledgeable and answered all our questions right away. Rate was incredible. Highly recommend!

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