Our Vision

If you’re a builder, you have a lender… or many lenders.  But what if you had a lender that would increase your business?  What if this lender could bring more home buyers to YOU? What if this lender didn’t want to replace your current lender(s)?


What we offer:

  1. Bring more home buyers in the doors of your favorite models.
  2. Free advertising to our thousands of clients and more
  3. Guaranteed close on time
  4. Real time pipeline view so you can see the approval stages of all your customers
  5. On site help both during the week or on weekends
  6. Much, much more - but the best things we do we don’t want to put out on a website for others to copy.  


What we request:

  1. Loyalty - when we bring you the homebuyer, you won’t push to the ‘other’ lender
  2. Honesty - we give the homebuyer an amazing experience, our customer are our biggest source of business.  If there is an error in the build, we make it right for everyone.
  3. Fair Treatment - when we bring you the homebuyer, you allow us to have the same incentives as any other lender.  No playing favorites, everyone wins.


With inventories low, we can definitely help you sell more homes.  We have lots of great families who want to be homebuyers and you can build the homes to buy.  We give fantastic service to said homebuyer, they tell their friends and family. We help the friends and family build more homes in your community.  Everyone wins, everyone is happy!


Call us at 214-907-2681.  

Let’s find out if we can help you grow your business!