Are you purchasing a home?

It can be the happiest most exciting time of your life!  It can also be the most stressful, hair loss/eye twitch experience you could imagine!  Why? Because it impacts so many areas of your life. It’s THE biggest financial decision most people make.  Homes cost hundreds of thousands of dollars… that’s a ton of money! It’s also a CRAZY emotional decision. It will impact your family, friends, potentially even your career.  Done right, it’s a glorious experience - done poorly it’s catastrophic. I’ve literally helped clients have such a great experience, they invited us over for a bbq to celebrate.  I’ve also known clients that chose another lender and realtor. They ended up not closing, losing money and eventually getting seperated. Sad but true.


How do I have a great experience?

There are a ton of great lenders and realtors out there!  There are also a ton of terrible lenders and realtors out there!  So how do you know what is what? Email us at and we will send you a copy of “The 5 biggest pitfalls when buying and selling real estate”

We don’t want to put all our secrets on the website for others to copy but we want to educate you as much as possible.  


Before even think about home buying you will need to make sure your 4 pillars of lending are good.  You should get pre-qualified with a lender at least 3 months BEFORE you start home shopping. All the savvy buyers prepare ahead of time, all the ignorant buyers wait till the last possible minute.  Why 3 months? Because if there are any adjustments needed to the 4 pillars you will have plenty of time to make those changes. You will have 3 months to optimize and get the very best financing available.  Don’t be the snob that thinks they’re awesome, then wait until the last minute - you’ll be paying for it for decades… literally!


Click and apply and we will give you a free, no obligation review of your 4 pillars.


4 pillars


Credit - Even if you have a “good score” did you know that Over 21% of credit reports contain a "material error" many more contain smaller errors and any one of these errors can cause you to get a less desirable program/rate


Background - maybe there is an old judgement/collection/bankruptcy/foreclosure/non-sufficient funds hit/false identity/or many more (maybe not even yours) that can pop up on the automated underwriter or the underwriting review.  Even if your credit is awesome, any of these can hold you back from the premier programs and rates.


Income - Did you know that not all income can be used?  Did you know that different income types are calculated differently?  What you think you can afford and what you can afford can be two very distinct things.  Take the easy route and have your lender do a VOE.

Assets - Using certain types of assets can actually cause you penalties.  Just because it’s “your money” doesn’t mean Uncle Sam views it this way.  Cash to close is the #1 reason why loan closings get delayed. Missed closings could equal penalties and potentially loss of your dream house.  Always get a VOA before you even make an offer on a home.